Ministry-Focused Bookkeeping Service

In fact, we can customize a solution for just about any bookkeeping situation, no matter how complicated. After over 25 years in business and more than 25,000 clients served, Foundation Group is the #1 most trusted professional services firm for nonprofits. We’re committed to providing our clients with a path to achieve their mission and working toward their long-term success.

  • We’re committed to providing our clients with a path to achieve their mission and working toward their long-term success.
  • Churches and nonprofits face specific regulations that can seem complicated and hard to navigate.
  • If you need to create an invoice, accept online donations, track notes about your supporters, it’s no problem.
  • Information on this site is provided for informational purposes.
  • Outsourcing some of the work in preparing for tax filings helps reduce this stress.
  • All donations given online are tracked by donor and purpose with zero work required.

Create unlimited custom, mobile-friendly giving forms, or add a widget to your website so people can give securely without ever having to leave your site. Simple and easy software, but with optional advanced features for those who need it. Our team will help you outline a plan to be successful behind the scenes so you can focus on serving others. The amount of stress that I don’t have as a church planter is all because of their amazing support. Get back to connecting with people and growing a healthy church. We’ll discuss the unique needs of your church and pinpoint exactly where you need help.

Why ChurchShield Is Your Choice for Outsourced Accounting Services

The important part to note here is that it can and does happen, but you can implement internal systems and controls to help prevent it. We’ll work with you to keep your financials clear, accurate and transparent. Introduction
In the digital age, churches are increasingly turning to technology to streamline their operations, foster community, and enhance their services…. At ChMeetings, we understand how important organization and effective management are for running a church. That’s why it’s important to be as discreet as possible when you handle them in your logs and ledgers. While the church’s total income should be publicized to the congregation, the details of the transactions (who they come from, for what occasion, etc.) should remain secret.

We understand church fund accounting and our church accountants set your books up to provide custom reports specifically for you and your unique needs. Additionally, we will handle the year end giving letters as well. Bookkeepers have for a long time been confused with accountants. Bookkeepers maintain the financial records of an organization that includes income and expense records.

Meet the StartCHURCH Bookkeeping Team

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link below or in your email to fill out the online Bookkeeping Onboarding form. Provide a secure portal for small groups and ministry teams so members can log in and communicate with each other. Share your cause with an easy-to-build website using one of our customizable templates. Leverage your dynamic donor database to view the details you need to know about your people, including communication activity, notes, relationships, and giving history all in one place.

Make Year-End Giving Statements

Like in any organization, a church needs to have a sense of structure. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that data from Gallup shows that church growth has declined significantly in recent… Learning to manage them, especially on popular platforms like Google Chrome, can significantly…

You Focus on People, We Focus on Paperwork

Non-profit organizations like churches focus more on accountability. They allocate funds to different ‘buckets’, each representing a specific use or need of the church. This way, church members know exactly where their tithes and gifts are going. A corporate accountant will use for-profit accounting and focus on revenues and expenses, which are usually related to the sales and services they provide to their customers. In other words, a corporate accountant will focus on profitability.

Slice and dice your financial reporting to see the exact data you need across your organization, including giving reports. Easily manage events with unlimited custom registration forms and automatic attendance tracking for registrants. You can sell individual and group tickets for retreats or fundraisers, and people can also RSVP for free events, like potlucks. For organizations tracking budgets and financials for grants, programs, departments, or multiple locations. – Be the first to get notified on new clergy tax, church payroll and HR updates.

What Does Life Look Like When a Church Uses Virtual Bookkeeping Services?

They are supposed to keep records of the dates and amount of every transaction of the organization. It is also their task to keep track of all accounts and are the ones who verify the accuracy of the procedures used in the accounting processes. Accountants, on the other hand, perform all the tasks of bookkeepers and also provide auditing, tax planning, financial planning and consulting services. Now is the perfect time to use church bookkeeping services to ensure your financial records and policies are set up correctly.

We understand the unique challenges of managing church finances because we’ve been there. Founded by a pastor, Simplify Church’s sweet spot is helping small-to-medium-size churches with their financial needs. You are most effective when you spend your time focused on people and growing your church, not crunching numbers.

We believe that when churches have the right tools in place, they spend less time worrying about church finances, and more time making an impact and changing lives. Finally, church management software without a learning curve! With StartCHURCH, you’ll gain a bookkeeping team that knows you,
your ministry, and your vision. We will make sure your finances reflect your church’s mission so you can finally get a
good night’s sleep.

Experience Positive Change

Securely collect donations and other payments using our payment partners. They are fully PCI compliant, use data encryption, and monitor for fraud. Our forms and associated taxes for independent contractors experts provide live, ongoing training for all customers so you have real people who will provide knowledgeable advice and tips for best practices.

I feel when she does the bookkeeping, I do not have to be concerned as to if she has accurately performed the services. She is an asset to the company, and that makes it easy to recommend StartCHURCH services for bookkeeping. When a business receives money from a customer, the business has complete discretion over how the money will be used—there are no strings attached. However, many times when a church receives money from a donor there are strings attached. Our app provides you with all the tools you need to run your church’s affairs. It comes packaged with a host of user-friendly features, such as membership management, event organization, and much more.